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Camino Walking Holidays

The walk along the Camino covers long distances and a wide variety of terrains. Experienced walkers will find it a fulfilling experience in all ways - not physically demanding, yet physically satisfying; and somehow spiritually uplifting even for those who are not committed pilgrims in the religious sense. Whilst the route has been divided into sections to suit the time-scales and abilities of as many people as possible, we can of course tailor the routes to most specifications. Please let us know your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Austria Walking Holidays
Salzburg & St. Jacob's Way - the Pilgrim Route

A magical thousand-year old route. From boundary mark to boundary mark through the foothills of the Alps you walk on Salzburg’s Jacob’s Trail (St. James's Way), Rupert’s Winkl and past high mountains into the Alps. The former clerical state of Salzburg always welcomed pilgrims and treated them very well. Interesting ecclesiastical sites, charming countryside and impressive walks contribute to a relaxing and reviving self-guided walking holiday.

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Italy Walking Holidays
The Via Francigena

“All roads lead to Rome” is a commonly used phrase that has its origins in medieval pilgrimage. The Via Francigena is one such road, linking Canterbury with Rome.

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Portugal Walking Holidays
The Camino Portugues

There are many pilgrim paths to Santiago but none is more soulful or significant than the Portuguese Way. This is the path so intimately connected with the life and ministry of St. James, as well as his death and burial. It was on this route that he first preached in Iberia and where later his body made its last journey. This is a self-guided walking holiday.

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The Way to Canterbury

By the eighteenth century the term 'Pilgrims' Way' referred to ancient trackways in the south of England used by pilgrims journeying to Becket's shrine. Although these routes radiated from Canterbury they did not include the route taken by Chaucers' pilgrims in the 'Canterbury Tales' but were prehistoric tracks used by pilgrims travelling to or from the continent via Dover along the Via Francigena. The principal pilgrim route ran between Winchester and Canterbury.

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The Cyclades – Tinos

Tinos is an island of artists, windmills and myriad small-scale charms, studded with elaborate dovecotes like fanciful miniature towers. Tiny villages, where life continues as it has done for generations, are linked by one of the most remarkable networks of ancient stone paths in Greece. Most of the island’s secrets, and occasional drama, can only be discovered on foot. For the Greeks, Tinos is a place of pilgrimage because of the miraculous healing powers of an icon of the Virgin Mary, but it remains relatively unvisited by foreign tourists.

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