Heng Shan Nan Pilgrimage

Located 225 miles south of Changsha in Hunan Province. Famous for its marvellous scenery and magnificent Buddhist temples, many regard Hengshan as the most beautiful mountain in South China. Nan hengshan is the place for the god of fire in Taoism. It is noted for its mist, bamboo, and clouds, as well as its temples. 

Getting There

Direct buses from Changsha (South Bus Station), every 30 minutes between 0630 and 1800. Journey time to Nan Yue is just over 2 hours. Trains are also possible but take longer.

From the stop at Nan Yue, walk to the memorial arch on Zhurong Lu and then a free minibus to the entrance (1 mile or 1. 5 kms).


Entrance is CNY 100 (includes entrance to all temples). 

Getting Around

The walk to the summit takes about 1.5 hours. There is also a cable car.

The Tao Holy Mountains

Tai Shan, Shandong province, 1545 meters.
Heng Shan Bei, Shanxi province, 2017 meters.
Hua Shan, Shanxi province, 1997 meters.
Heng Shan Nan, Hunan province, 1290 meters.
Song Shan, Henan province, 1494 meters.

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